A lot of people have been asking about Silhouette Studio and Cricut files, I don’t own a die cut machine myself, I’d love to get one but they get really expensive here in Uruguay. So after some research and learning the machines softwares, today we’ve release our first products with the die cut files already included! Hurray!

Soon we’ll be adding the Studio and Cricut files on every product. :) And this is how one of this printable sets looks printed and sticked on a planner.


PS. This printed stickers where cut by hand with scissor a exacto knife + ruler, and this is not an Erin Condren Planner, it has the same dimensions, but it’s was created for my personal use. Love DIY, anyone can do it! :)


You can see all of our products Here: ILOVElogo-horizontal-01



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Last year I came across a lot of piracy, people selling out there the sets I’ve created at a bargain price, making and selling stickers without changing anything on the original designs, and I must say that all this is very frustrating. From this year we changed our Terms of Service, so that we can clarify some points that might not be very clear.

Here you will find everything you can or can not do with products purchased from our store:


All images / products Copyright DigiKika

You agree to the terms of use below when purchasing from my shop:



Commercial use is allowed when you create new products from purchased items

using your own design, and you have a small business run by yourself

You can use my images to create:

*Printed media – invitations, greeting cards;

*Scrapbooking ( personal or for a single customer – the design must be flattened or

printed );

*Web design – website, blog, shop banner, avatar, banner, background;

*Branding – logo, business card;

*Photography – photo albums, posters, presentations;

*Printed surfaces: fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap (personal or for a single customer – the

design must be flattened or printed);

*Handmade crafts sold by yourself;

*Party decor – banner, topper, labels, tags;

*Tags, labels stickers – personal or credit must be given;

*Selling my designs on Zazzle, Cafepress or other marketplace on iphone cases,

pillows or other must be altered in at least 70% or credit must be given.


*Sell or share my graphics as is or altered;

*Sell or share my graphics and claim as your own;

*Sell or share (wholly or partly) on any website, social medias or elsewhere:

*Sell my designs without changing at least 70% in markets such Zazzle, Cafepress

or similar markets on products like iPhone cases, pillows, fabric, etc. – without giving

credit to shop.


We appreciate the understanding, we ask to respect the terms of use and if the terms do not fit into your needs, please contact us for mass production and extended commercial licenses.

Thanks for reading,

Kika Esteves

2016-digikika-sale-01Don’t miss out our next 70% off SALE on our Digital Papers and Clipart Etsy shop (DigiKika) starting on Friday (01.15.16).

Buy with a great discount exclusive, quality images, digital papers, cliparts, vector graphics, seamless patterns and a lot more.

And soon we will be releasing loads of amazing new products.


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Kika Esteves


Happy New Year for those who (like myself), started the year just today. With my toddler back to kindergarten.

Many thanks to 2015 and a big welcome to 2016, I know it will be a great year! :)

Soon, news, new product releases and promotions, goodies and more.

A great year for all of us!

Kika Esteves

avatar-etsy            logo-etsy-01

Today I came here to show the process of creating a digital set that will come out this week in our shop, “First Communion” clipart and papers, version for girls and boys.

It all starts with a hand sketch, I use Photoshop with a brush that mimics the texture of the graphite.

After that I follow to the process of vectorization, using Illustrator this stage. In this step, I just line drawing and worry about the colors in the next step.

I choose a color palette for skin, hair and the base color for boys and girls.

Finally, I save each individual image as a .png file and a single final file in eps (vector).

… Coming soon!

My “Mermaid” pattern design is competing in a pattern design competition with this theme on Spoonflower. If the design wins, beyond the prize, it will be printed on pajamas for girls.

Get in the Spoonflower website and vote for your favorite designs (it has tons of beautiful things) and vote on my design too, ok? :)

For all the mothers around the world, for those mothers to be, those mothers that have just become and those that already are. Especially for the mine, which is responsible for who I am today, thanks mom!

PS. The image is saved in PNG (transparent background) in high resolution 6″. Click on the image and save it to your computer.

I am a first-time mom, so Mother’s Day has a special feeling to me and to celebrate this bloomy month and pay tribute to all mothers around the world, It starts today May 5th in our Etsy Shop, a massive sale for Mother’s Day. All products with 70% off and runs until the 30th.

Hundreds of digital products, clip arts, digital paper, vector graphics, watercolors and a lot more.

Take this opportunity and buy our products with 70% discount.

It has been a while since I’ve written here, which means I’ve been super concentrated creating new things. And beyond traditional clipart and digital papers, which this month are honoring mothers day.


I have been devoted myself to learn and create fabric patterns. It’s not as simple as it sounds, since it is necessary to create the “rapport” which is a technique of repeating patterns, since the modules must fit perfectly so as not to see the amendments. Perfect for use in fabric printing, wallpaper, wrapping paper, web site background, etc.

If you are interested in buying the printed fabric with my designs you will find me in Spoonflower as Kika Esteves, I still have just a few designs, and none of them are for sale yet, but I’d love to know what you would like to see printed on fabric or wallpaper?


I hope you enjoy!
And of course, if there is any digital paper of DigiKika shop would like to see printed on fabrics, wallpapers, background blogs and wrapping paper, leave your comment, it is likely to be the next pattern created.

banner-etsy-stpatrickCelebrating St. Patrick’s our Etsy shop is on sale, everything with 60% OFF.  But run because the sale ends on March 26.

You’ll find great digital papers packs, cliparts, vector graphics and lot more. Everything you need to make your projects even more beautiful.