Last year I came across a lot of piracy, people selling out there the sets I’ve created at a bargain price, making and selling stickers without changing anything on the original designs, and I must say that all this is very frustrating. From this year we changed our Terms of Service, so that we can clarify some points that might not be very clear.

Here you will find everything you can or can not do with products purchased fromĀ our store:


All images / products Copyright DigiKika

You agree to the terms of use below when purchasing from my shop:



Commercial use is allowed when you create new products from purchased items

using your own design, and you have a small business run by yourself

You can use my images to create:

*Printed media – invitations, greeting cards;

*Scrapbooking ( personal or for a single customer – the design must be flattened or

printed );

*Web design – website, blog, shop banner, avatar, banner, background;

*Branding – logo, business card;

*Photography – photo albums, posters, presentations;

*Printed surfaces: fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap (personal or for a single customer – the

design must be flattened or printed);

*Handmade crafts sold by yourself;

*Party decor – banner, topper, labels, tags;

*Tags, labels stickers – personal or credit must be given;

*Selling my designs on Zazzle, Cafepress or other marketplace on iphone cases,

pillows or other must be altered in at least 70% or credit must be given.


*Sell or share my graphics as is or altered;

*Sell or share my graphics and claim as your own;

*Sell or share (wholly or partly) on any website, social medias or elsewhere:

*Sell my designs without changing at least 70% in markets such Zazzle, Cafepress

or similar markets on products like iPhone cases, pillows, fabric, etc. – without giving

credit to shop.


We appreciate the understanding, we ask to respect the terms of use and if the terms do not fit into your needs, please contact us for mass production and extended commercial licenses.

Thanks for reading,

Kika Esteves