My “Mermaid” pattern design is competing in a pattern design competition with this theme on Spoonflower. If the design wins, beyond the prize, it will be printed on pajamas for girls.

Get in the Spoonflower website and vote for your favorite designs (it has tons of beautiful things) and vote on my design too, ok? :)

I’ve said in a previous post about my new passion, the fabric patterns. And also in love with the succulents recently added to the shops:

These patterns are seamless (tillable), so they are perfect for printing large spaces seamlessly as wallpapers, fabrics, wrapping paper, blog and website background, etc. And even comes in vector format (EPS) so you can change colors as you like.

And today I finally put the first seamless pack in DigiKika shops (KikaEsteves and Etsy). It is with Succulents and Cactus theme with another variation of color from set just added to the shops.

Fun was anticipating how the prints would be applied, here just a few examples of the thousands of possibilities.

Soon, more news in the world of Kika Patterns.