In line with the trends, I have created these beautiful Tropical Flamingos hand-painted watercolor. I was inspired by the tropical climate for the choice of colors and wreaths. Flowers and tropical leaves and watercolor flamingos are perfect for scrapbook, invitations, stationers, blog, wallpaper, decorations, etc .. Check out the photos of all the arts made from these illustrations.

Here is the beginning of creation, watercolor painted by hand on paper.


Then turned into a Clipart set with 16 illustrations, …


Digital papers, two with 10 papers each and the bigger picture with 12 digital papers, and yet …

DKtropical-flamingos DKtropical-summer-papersII DKtropical-summer-papers

printable stickers for planners, like Erin Condren. They can also be used in other planners, such as Happy Planner, Dokibook, Filofax, etc ..

 ILOVE2PRINTweekly-flamingos-PIC ILOVE2PRINTtropical-summer-PIC



This Digital Papers set “It´s a Girl” has been designed based on a customer idea. The need to decorate a baby shower or a baby girl´s nursery room inspire me with the colors and textures choices.

You can buy it in

Today is a giveaway day, here an exclusive freebie – a half page printable planner stickers with rose and brown doodle flowers patterns. Click on the image bellow to download.

And you’ll get a zip file containing

  • Jpg and Pdf files:
  • Critut Png;
  • Silhouette Studio Files.


Print then cut by hand, with your Silhouette or Cricut Machine and show us how you decorate your planner with it, just hashtag us #ilove2print And if you like it share this link with your friends, and everyone you know enjoys planning.

You can find more products like this one here:


A lot of people have been asking about Silhouette Studio and Cricut files, I don’t own a die cut machine myself, I’d love to get one but they get really expensive here in Uruguay. So after some research and learning the machines softwares, today we’ve release our first products with the die cut files already included! Hurray!

Soon we’ll be adding the Studio and Cricut files on every product. :) And this is how one of this printable sets looks printed and sticked on a planner.


PS. This printed stickers where cut by hand with scissor a exacto knife + ruler, and this is not an Erin Condren Planner, it has the same dimensions, but it’s was created for my personal use. Love DIY, anyone can do it! :)


You can see all of our products Here: ILOVElogo-horizontal-01



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Last year I came across a lot of piracy, people selling out there the sets I’ve created at a bargain price, making and selling stickers without changing anything on the original designs, and I must say that all this is very frustrating. From this year we changed our Terms of Service, so that we can clarify some points that might not be very clear.

Here you will find everything you can or can not do with products purchased from our store:


All images / products Copyright DigiKika

You agree to the terms of use below when purchasing from my shop:



Commercial use is allowed when you create new products from purchased items

using your own design, and you have a small business run by yourself

You can use my images to create:

*Printed media – invitations, greeting cards;

*Scrapbooking ( personal or for a single customer – the design must be flattened or

printed );

*Web design – website, blog, shop banner, avatar, banner, background;

*Branding – logo, business card;

*Photography – photo albums, posters, presentations;

*Printed surfaces: fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap (personal or for a single customer – the

design must be flattened or printed);

*Handmade crafts sold by yourself;

*Party decor – banner, topper, labels, tags;

*Tags, labels stickers – personal or credit must be given;

*Selling my designs on Zazzle, Cafepress or other marketplace on iphone cases,

pillows or other must be altered in at least 70% or credit must be given.


*Sell or share my graphics as is or altered;

*Sell or share my graphics and claim as your own;

*Sell or share (wholly or partly) on any website, social medias or elsewhere:

*Sell my designs without changing at least 70% in markets such Zazzle, Cafepress

or similar markets on products like iPhone cases, pillows, fabric, etc. – without giving

credit to shop.


We appreciate the understanding, we ask to respect the terms of use and if the terms do not fit into your needs, please contact us for mass production and extended commercial licenses.

Thanks for reading,

Kika Esteves

2016-digikika-sale-01Don’t miss out our next 70% off SALE on our Digital Papers and Clipart Etsy shop (DigiKika) starting on Friday (01.15.16).

Buy with a great discount exclusive, quality images, digital papers, cliparts, vector graphics, seamless patterns and a lot more.

And soon we will be releasing loads of amazing new products.


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Happy New Year for those who (like myself), started the year just today. With my toddler back to kindergarten.

Many thanks to 2015 and a big welcome to 2016, I know it will be a great year! :)

Soon, news, new product releases and promotions, goodies and more.

A great year for all of us!

Kika Esteves

avatar-etsy            logo-etsy-01

As I really like DIY sort of things I’m designing my own Life Planner which I hope will be ready for 2016.

And from my designing research I came out with a great weekly 2 pages so you can fill out yourself with dates and the current month:


Download Here the Pdf

This was a limited time download freebie. You can find a similar version in our Etsy shop – ilove2print

Have fun planning! :)

Kika – ILove2Print


I’ve announce on our last post your new Printable Planner Stickers virtual shop – ILove2Print – Perfect Printable Erin Condren Stickers.

And today I want to giveaway a gorgeous Christmas sticker set – an opening shop little gift. Here you can download your ECPL, print home in your favorite white sticker paper, and cut. This will help you to organize your Erin Condren Life Planner, or similar planners.

Download Here


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